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Hi my name is Seanny and I'm the designer & photographer at Creative Vision, a design & photography boutique located in Orange County. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to get to know me. I graduated from Woodbury University with a degree in Graphic Design and have worked in the Music/Entertainment Industry and Publishing world since 1999. But because I'm a true romantic, my passion was weddings, whether it was designing for them or photographing them.

Design can play an important role in a wedding. It sets the tone of the wedding beginning with the save the dates, to the to the invitations, all the way to the little personalized tag on the favors. Your wedding is all about you, the bride and the groom, and I can design everything to fit your personality and taste. I believe that every little detail is important, and it can make your guest feel how special your day is to you.

My love of photography began a few years ago when I fell in love with the photojournalism used to capture the event. Having been a bride myself, I know how important photography is to the bride and groom. My goal as a photographer is to capture all of the little moments, emotions and details, and to tell the story of the day through photography. I photograph a wedding, the way I would like my own wedding photographed.

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    Freeman Family Photos 2012 – Laguna Beach, CA

    Thursday, September 27th, 2012

    You know almost a year has past if you see the Freeman’s family portraits posted onto my blog :) I have had the greatest pleasure in helping Lisa capture her family memories for the past 4 years. Not only is Lisa a client now, but she is truly one of my greatest friends.

    The first photoshoot was Lisa and Nick’s engagement/first family pictures with Addison. I remember when Addison was just about Jackson’s age at the time. Now look at how big she is already! And Jackson was a just a newborn when we took his first pictures, and now he’s such a little man. We had a great time at the beach, and we have pictures to show for it. Check them out! Click here for more pictures in the slideshow.


    Cute brother and sister moments.

    Mommy’s little boy.


    Daddy’s Little Girl.

    It’s Daddy’s little monkeys!

    I love the funny face that Jackson is making in this picture.

    Downtown Laguna Beach Engagement Photography {Abbe & Bryan}

    Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

    Last Sunday I got to hang out with Bryan and Abbe in Laguna Beach. They are such a sweet couple and you can see how happy they are when they are together. Check out the slideshow too….click here.


    I just love this photo…..they look so comfortable and in LOVE :)

    Red phone booth = Kodak moment…..always wanted to shoot pics with one of these.

    Camacho Family Photoshoot {Laguna Beach}

    Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

    A few weeks ago I met  up with the Camacho family in Laguna Beach for a family photo shoot. Check out the pictures from the day. And remember to check out the slideshow too! Click here for the slideshow.

    Look how cute these girls are….they made my job easy.

    Kaylie is older by a year and definitely takes on the older sister role.

    Sabrina is the goofy one.

    What a beautiful family :)

    What’s a photoshoot without lollipops? Candy is the best bribe in the world.


    Some mommy loving :)


    And some goofy faces with dad.

    Yellow tongues!


    Just Because Session in Laguna Beach {Lisa & Steve}

    Sunday, December 20th, 2009

    Today I got to spend the afternoon with Lisa and Steve who have been married for 2 years already and wanted to get some “Just Because” pictures taken. We hung out in Laguna beach….only in Southern California can we hang out at the beach in the middle of December and not freeze to death. First we roamed around the downtown area, then we enjoyed a little gelato treat (thanks Lisa & Steve…it was yum :) Afterwards we headed to the beach, which was gorgeous…it looked like a painting.  Steve was a good sport to give up his day off on a football Sunday and I think by the end of the session he actually enjoyed it. It was a fun day, thanks Lisa and Steve for letting me hang out with you :) Check out the pics below and the slideshow.






    I think this one gets my vote as the favorite of the day.





    See what I mean about the beach being gorgeous.