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Hi my name is Seanny and I'm the designer & photographer at Creative Vision, a design & photography boutique located in Orange County. Thank you for visiting my blog and taking the time to get to know me. I graduated from Woodbury University with a degree in Graphic Design and have worked in the Music/Entertainment Industry and Publishing world since 1999. But because I'm a true romantic, my passion was weddings, whether it was designing for them or photographing them.

Design can play an important role in a wedding. It sets the tone of the wedding beginning with the save the dates, to the to the invitations, all the way to the little personalized tag on the favors. Your wedding is all about you, the bride and the groom, and I can design everything to fit your personality and taste. I believe that every little detail is important, and it can make your guest feel how special your day is to you.

My love of photography began a few years ago when I fell in love with the photojournalism used to capture the event. Having been a bride myself, I know how important photography is to the bride and groom. My goal as a photographer is to capture all of the little moments, emotions and details, and to tell the story of the day through photography. I photograph a wedding, the way I would like my own wedding photographed.

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  • Kelan’s Robot Party – 3rd Birthday Celebration

    On Saturday, April 17th, Kelan celebrated his 3rd birthday with a Robot party. This year, as always, Kim, Kelan’s mom, went all out. It was a great party all decked out with a ice cream truck, photobooth truck from Mini Mugz (which is a division of mugshots party booths)¬†and popcorn bar. Funtimes!! I think now, Kelan’s parties are becoming the event of the year. We just can’t wait to see what the party will be like. Check out some of the fun pics I took from the party!

    details from the party

    Yummy and cute red velvet cake by Tricia Faye and very cute custom cake topper from Lollipop Workshop

    Photobooth truck from Mug Shots and Ice Cream Truck from Baby Jules

    The decked out Robot popcorn bar.

    It’s Kelanbot!!!

    Kelan just loves putting on those robot heads.

    It’s the entire Robot family!

    Getting ready for the photobooth.

    There was a crafting station for kids to make their own robot faces.

    It’s the entire L.A. city employee robots

    Me and the birthday boy! My fellow April 13th birthday buddy!!

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    1. Kim :) says:

      Thanks Seanny for taking such awesome pictures of Kelan’s Robot party!! You are the bestest!! :)

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